Four Paws Quilting


  • Full color patterns with step-by-step instructions

  • Two books, one about panels, and another of patterns

  • A template and pantographs for longarm quilters

  • A gallery showing pattern quilts in lots of colorways

  • Cats

  • What more does anyone need?


New Line Tamer

Several of you have asked for it, and now it's available - a shorter Line Tamer. The standard template is 10-1/2" long. The new one is 7-1/2". It's a better fit for a smaller machine on a frame, with limited throat space. It may also just be easier to handle if you prefer a smaller template.

Quilts for Children of ALL Ages

Price reduced to $10.

A great deal! Get eight patterns for the price of one. All patterns come in sizes from a baby quilt to queen size.

This book has some wonderful patterns, if I do say so myself. To see them, click on the image to the right.