Four Paws Quilting

The cats and I are all nocturnal, so please don't call before noon, eastern time. Night calls are OK.

Also, please identify yourself as a quilter right away. Just so I know you're not a telemarketer, and I don't hang up by mistake...


Orders: You can order from this website, or visit one of the stores that carry my patterns. If you order from the site, shipping will be added at checkout. Also, Massachusetts residents will be charged 6.25% sales tax.

If you have questions or comments about my patterns, I'd love to hear from you. I also enjoy seeing photos of your quilts, if you like to share. You can reach me by email or phone.

Barbara Becker

Brockton, MA

Phone: 508-583-2289 (noon-midnight, eastern time)


Wholesale pattern prices (except Tumbler) are $4.25, with standard net 30 payment. Line Tamer templates are $15, with a minumum order of 4. Panel Play and Quilts for Children of All Ages are both $10 with a minimum order of 3 books. You can order directly from me, by phone or email.

If you've ordered from me before, an email is easiest; just tell me what you need. New customers, please provide me with your store name, address, contact person, and a phone number I can call back to verify.

U.S. Shipping:

Orders over $50 are charged half the actual shipping charge (usually $2.50 for patterns, $3-5 for Line Tamer templates and books). Orders less than $50 are charged full shipping.

International Shipping:

Orders are charged the full shipping rate, minus the amount I would deduct from a package shipped in the U.S.

Distributors (Patterns Only):

Checker Distributors Phone: 800-537-1060, Fax: 800-258-6416

E.E. Schenck Phone: 800-433-0722, Fax: 800-433-0723

New England Quilt Supply Phone: 888-293-6401, Fax: 781-294-0040

Petersen-Arne Phone: 800-547-2509, Fax: 541-485-3459

If you would like an image for your website, please feel free to contact me. I have a collection of images for each pattern, and would be happy to supply you with what you need.